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A multiplayer project built from a 14 hour Game Jam at my University, depicting a custom scene inspired by the 2001: A Space Odyssey whereby one of two players either controls HAL (the AI system on a quest to deplete your oxygen) or the brave Crew Member who is pushing himself to the limits in order to remove HAL's main component and save the rest of the ship!


Crew Member Mouse Left Click - Move Forward | Mouse Right Click - Move Backward | Mouse Scroll Wheel Press - Interact  

HAL Corresponding keyboard keys for closing doors within the ship, hold key to shut door, release open. 


Crew Member - Moving throughout the spaceship crew members can hide themselves from HAL's visibility by moving within the stealth zones. They can interact with buttons on the ship's wall's to disable HAL's visibility and disable HALS's key functionality by randomly short circuiting doors.  Player must remove HAL's component at the end of the ship in order to win. Don't run out of oxygen!

HAL - Can keep a maximum of 3 doors closed at once, whilst a door is shut HAL begins to overheat. The more doors you keep shut at once, the faster you will overheat HAL's system!


Programming -

Henry Threadwell @Henry_HGT

Andy Li @Andyesign

Artwork and Design - 

Peppe Reres @PeppeReres

Level Design -

Liam UAL

Install instructions

Download .Zip file, extract then run the .exe


Artifical Enemy.zip 32 MB
Artificial Enemy.app.zip 37 MB

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