A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Optimized for iPhone. Desktop version for testing purposes.

Available on the App Store! Link below.

My second independent game on Unity.  An entrance into my understanding of the classic endless runner design and a fun project for me to better my skills.

Your actions within the castle have led to your immediate escape, the castle guards are in close pursuit behind you. Will you be able to escape them and the castle?

The path ahead of you is treacherous, filled with obstacles and danger that you must avoid and overcome in order to maintain your speed and escape the highly skilled guards of the castle.

Jump, Dodge, Glide, Throw.

Using the skills and tools you have learnt from your time within the castle escape to freedom!

Low-Poly fun!

- Interact-able power-ups and tools.
- Gorgeous environments crafted for your immersion.
- 6 Playable Characters to unlock and choose from!
- Randomly generated obstacles for refreshing and exciting gameplay!
- Breathtaking music and sound.

Install instructions

Download and open the .zip then open and play the .exe


CastleEscape.zip 63 MB
Castle Escape.app.zip 65 MB

Also available on

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