A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My first independent project on Unity.

Orbital Endless Runner. 

Achieve the highest score possible, push yourself to the limits by avoiding oncoming asteroids which enter Orbit. Utilize your reaction speed,  make precise movements and don't crash, so that you can be an unstoppable spacecraft pilot!

Your speed will be adjusted depending on how close you are to the planets gravitational pull, so beware! Although you will earn a higher score close to the planet it becomes a much more treacherous path, less space and more speed! As a masterful Space Craft pilot you must also be on the alert for falling meteorites, they may catch you by surprise so be sure to adjust your altitude accordingly to evade them. 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, open and run the .exe file.


Orbit Download.zip 21 MB
Orbit Mac.app.zip 25 MB

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